Edit Orders & Info

Edit Orders & Info

How can I edit my account login information?

  • To change your login information, please log in using current information. In the section "Login details" you can change the password and email address linked to your user account.

How can I edit the default delivery address on my user account?

  • Login to your account. In the ‘Address Tab’, you can add or remove shipping addresses.
  • You can also change the address on the checkout page when entering details.

Can I modify the delivery method or store for my order?

  • It is not possible to modify the delivery method for a completed order. If it has not left the warehouse yet, you may cancel it and make a new purchase with the correct delivery method. Be aware that in the meantime some of the items may have sold out.

Can I change items in my completed order?

  • Order can be edited till the confirmation stage. However, once an order is confirmed, the order cannot be edited.

How can I retrieve my disabled account?

  • To retrieve your disabled account, please email us your details to info@beyondeast.com.pk and a representative will get in touch with you.