Unstitched Winter Dresses Trends For Women - Is Here To Grace Your Wardrobe

Unstitched Winter Dresses Trends For Women - Is Here To Grace Your Wardrobe

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Ladies, a mix of opulence with a modern twist of unstitched winter dresses is here to grace your wardrobe. Hurry up! 


The good news is that your wardrobe can now look gorgeous - that too without putting in even an ounce of effort. How? Because Beyond East has an unstitched collection for you that is nothing short of sophistication and class. The versatile collection features signature craftsmanship while emphasising traditional opulence with a modern twist.

In short, we have everything your autumn-winter wardrobe was craving for. But, before going any further, let’s discuss what you should expect from these unstitched Pakistani suits available online to grab any instant. The most astonishing part of this attractive section is that it comprises everything from vibrant shades to deep dark hues and from Mughal-inspired embroideries to stunning prints.

The premium fabric and the overall experience are just beyond imagination!

Imagine getting these classy designs and embroideries on premium quality Khaddar or exclusive linen fabric. Yes, the delicacy seems unmatched here. You can either purchase a three-piece suit or can choose a two-piece beauty to pair it with stitched trousers online - also readily available here. What does this mean? Surely, these ladies' winter dresses have everything - romantic, modern, and nostalgic - just name it and have it! Even shopping for unstitched Pakistani suits online is made easy as you can go through the online catalog and place an order without any hassle.

Once done, get ready to receive your package at your doorstep in just a few days. So, without any delay, choose from our amazing variety of Khaddar 3 piece or 2 piece suits and let your winter wardrobe speak about your fashion sense

So many drool-worthy options for you to grab!


We all know a winter wardrobe asks for vibrance together with sophistication. Considering this, if there is anything your wardrobe is secretly asking for, it’s the ensembles by Beyond East. Apart from exuding timeless grace, sophisticated silhouettes, and intricate patterns, the new trending dresses available here can be a game-changer. The mesmerising collection of 2 and 3 piece unstitched suits features designs and hues that are drool-worthy. To make things easier for you, we have picked up a few options for you.

The first one of the unstitched fabrics list is ZAMURD. This three-piece beauty has intricate embroidery rendered in cool hues on dobby fabric. This ensemble is artistically paired with a screen-printed cotton net dupatta together with an embroidered organza border. The great news is that the delight does not end here, with this you will also get matching dyed cambric unstitched trousers online. 

Wait, here comes another stunning option!

Another great example of smashing clothes we have is yet another three-piece ensemble - VASL. This beautiful dress features Shikargah inspired embroidery on a navy blue dobby fabric base. But the sophistication increases twofold as it is paired with an intricately printed tissue silk dupatta. We might have picked a few swoon-worthy designs for you but trust us, there is so much more in store for you to grab. To make your winter look extraordinary, visit this in-store and online clothing shop and let your inner diva dance like crazy. 

New style dresses to fill your wardrobe!


Without a doubt, we all want stylish and sophisticated dresses in our wardrobe no matter the season. That is why we have come up with unstitched khaddar suits having impressive designs and extraordinary hues. These ensembles are perfect to fill your seasonal wardrobe and make your evening soirees exceptional. Choose your perfect fit from the unmatched options and step out into the world to showcase your style. If you think our options are only limited to Khaddar suits, you are wrong.

We have beautifully designed Karandi suits along with linen ensembles as well. Scroll through the catalog and get hold of these amazing unstitched clothes online and style them the way that suits you best. The latest collection features 2 and 3 piece unstitched suits that are a symphony of majestic hues and intricate patterns. This premium quality line also comes with a variety of sophisticated embroidery and glamorous print options. So, no matter what your preference is, our latest unstitched collection for this season has everything you could hope for. 

Satisfy the fashionista in you by scrolling through the most promising variety, premium quality fabric, and drool-worthy designs. Once you have seen it all, trust us, nothing can stop you from putting everything admirable to the cart or rushing to the store instantly. But, know that no matter which option of shopping you choose, we have made everything effortless for you - just like bringing elegance to life.

For online purchases, visit our e-store and add it all to your cart and get it delivered in just one click. On the other hand, visit our store and get blown away with the awesome variety and the most friendly staff.

In short, we are not only a brand that promises fine quality clothes but also the one who considers you a part of our family. So come, let's make this season remarkable for the remarkable person that you are!  Shop with Beyond East and let your inner diva feel loved, cherished, and acknowledged.

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